Yokoo? Yes please!


I’ve been searching for a bag since the strap on my Christmas present from two years ago broke (yes, I could fix it, but I’d rather do more fun things with my sewing machine when I do actually bust it out). And my $25 ‘summer’ bag from a booth at the Fringe Festival 2 years ago is so grossly sun-bleached, that I think its time has been served. (As you may guess, I’m not a purse gal, and thus practically never buy myself a bag when I could buy other wonderful things.)

And now, methinks I have found the perfect bag for me. I know of Yokoo from her delightfully chunky knit scarves and accessories, such as her ever-popular Three Ring Chain. But am I glad I glanced into her shop today to see this beauty! It’s durable, leather free, reminds me of my ol’ hacky sack, AND I can pick whatever colours I’d like. I’m thinking perhaps two greys (surprise, eh?), or maybe a grey and that delicious burgundy. And with fall right around the corner, I think it’s best to spread the scarf-like love around to grace my arm as well.