Leggings please, knees optional

Day 3: Whilst I refuse to take my Andromache’s Deconstruction off (and, perhaps this shall be my de(con)struction), the weather is not cooperating and I do not want to wear my jeans any longer. So I am thinking that I may finally break down and join the fray in purchasing a set of leggings. Of course I’ll likely go the route of Bobelly and shimmy myself into some custom made organic bamboo cotton ‘footless tights‘. Nonetheless, a girl can dream, and dream I will of Juan Hernandez Daels‘ extravagant leggings and body leotards from his Metropolis collection, found of course during some light Sunday clicking on NJAL. Those knee cutout leggings would actually make me want to bare my knees (which I think are the most unattractive aspect of the human body). And I must have that top made of rectangles! I prefer that type of geometry to the mathematic kind anyday…Sigh.