Alexandra Groover


I just found my fashion-soul mate. I’m still not a leggings girl, but I love everything about this outfit. So imagine how drastically my world changed when I found out that this girl isn’t just a pretty face with a keen sense of style. She is Alexandra Groover, the designer goddess of all things perfectly black. I’m so happy to have found Queen Michelle, as her Kingdom led me to Fashion156, which in turn led me to my dream closet. I indeed want every piece from Alexandra’s Grey and Black Labels.

But this. This is my dream piece right now. As you may or may not recall, I have been on an unending quest for a simple yet unique black hoodie to replace the one that I got married in. Sure, this one is slightly more than the $40 that the original hoodie cost. But seriously. A hoodie with 5 hoods. That’s pure genius. Oh Alexandra…