These clouds on the screen / from the state in between

Somehow half the year is already gone, while I’m still mentally stuck in March, having been holed up at home since then. Normally I’m quite content to stay at home and stay away… Continue reading

Where images end / and living begins: Interview with Keight MacLean

A few months ago, I almost died. It was a total fluke accident but, if my man hadn’t been right there, I probably wouldn’t be here. The weird thing (okay, the super duper,… Continue reading

In this shared life / The raw within

The last year has been so bizarre. The first half consisted of me furiously researching new releases/new-to-me bands to first make it through life until we saw YOB live for the first time… Continue reading

Beyond the ears / A symphony

I’ve been feeling pretty run down, first from working 24/7 on getting our Miss Kira to trust us and truly feel like she’s found her furever home (and disregarding the shocking amount of… Continue reading

In twilight, azure grace / Return this shadow’s embrace

Sorry/not sorry about have another post featuring Zam Barrett’s brilliant designs so soon, but, well, just look at these. The outerwear pieces for his F/W 19 womenswear collection have finally dropped, and the… Continue reading

Beyond the eyes / A hidden life

One year ago, I had a severe panic attack, triggered by having to say no to a change in our increasingly unpleasant living situation, a change that would’ve allowed us to actually be… Continue reading

Tears of yesterday / Recreated today

Just shy of a year ago, I finally thought we’d be making a big change to our living situation, a change which would allow us to finally live as we wanted. Instead, I… Continue reading

Sown in fields of stars

I typically do not wear jewelry of any sort, but when Alexis Devine of Squirrel vs. Coyote mentioned on her Instagram that she wanted to do some custom literary bodices, I jumped at… Continue reading

Shed the skin / expose the heart

Because I’m now one of those people who is obsessed with making Top Albums of the Year lists, and because I’m one of those people who is obsessed with music and listens to… Continue reading

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